There are many benefits of music- it improves the mind, body and spirit. Livermore High School is taking this to heart, initiating a complete instrumental music program renovation to better recognize and challenge its students’ incredible talent, taking full advantage of all the positive effects of music.

Challenge hones skills, sharpens minds, & increases passion. The LHS Band will be participating in more than 30 performance events in the 2016-2017 school year, including 5 band reviews, 10 concerts, 7 festivals and 2 parades- a record number of events for the LHS music program!  The concert band, orchestra, and jazz bands are being expanded with additional instruments and new and more challenging compositions and performance events to attract and retain a greater number of students through their entire high school experience.

Sharing with the community. LHS may not have the biggest program in the region, but it has big heart. The students aren’t keeping their music to themselves; the instrumental program will be sharing the benefits of music with the community through solo, ensemble and band participation in festivals, charity fundraisers, and service projects.

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