Livermore Music is always looking for new and exciting fundraisers.  So if you have an idea, please contact

Some of our current fundraisers include:
Jane Doe Cookies                                                   Bingo Volunteer Opportunities
Page Mill Twilight Tasting                                Dine Out Events
Spirit Gear Sales (web-Store)                          Alameda County Fair (June 15 – July 8, 2018)
Matching Grant Program                                   Online Shopping Program

Community Health and Education Foundation (CHEF)

Great news! Livermore Music has partnered with CHEF to raise additional funds. When you use the CHEF website to make a donation to Livermore Music, CHEF will match half your donation. That turns your $100 donation into $150 for Livermore Music! CHEF covers all processing fees so we receive the full donation and match. You can find CHEF at: and be sure to select Livermore Music from the drop-down menu. Have questions? Please contact Melissa Parker, Secretary at


Earn while you shop using with these companies (click on the picture for more information):   

Bingo Volunteer Opportunities

We have been given a lucrative opportunity to raise money for Livermore Music!

Granada Supporters: They host Bingo every Saturday, and occasionally other nights, in their high school Student Union.  They need adult volunteers (age 18+) and will donate money to our organization for every Livermore Music volunteer that helps out.   Livermore Music is sent a check at the end of each quarter for all the hours we have volunteered.

Questions?  Contact Janet Jhoun ( or visit for more information.

Bingo Ranch:  Does Granada Bingo not fit into your schedule? Consider joining a team of Livermore Music parents to work a four hour shift at Bingo Ranch on a Monday, Friday, or Sunday. Hours worked through June can be applied to the current year donations. For more information on scheduling and availability please contact Melissa Parker, Secretary at

Volunteer at Alameda County Fair

June -July

Raise funds for Livermore Music by volunteering at the Fair! Every volunteer receives: a free ticket to the fair for the day you you volunteered, a Tshirt to wear during your volunteer time, a volunteer bag and water bottle, and free parking. Students 16-18 can work shifts alone. Students 11-15 need to be scheduled with their parent. Most shifts are only 4 hours. That gives you the rest of the day to enjoy the fair. Required paperwork is attached. Have questions? Please contact Janet Jhoun, Orchestra Representative at