Winter Guard & Percussion

Winter guard is similar to outdoor color guard (marched with a marching band), except the performances are indoors on gymnasium floors through the winter season. The traditional marching band music heard during fall season is replaced with a recording of various musical genres. The gymnasium floor typically is covered by an individually designed tarp (called a floor mat or floor by members) that generally reflects the show being performed on it. Occasionally the floor only acts as a backdrop so that the audience is drawn towards what the members are doing. The members may perform barefoot, but wearing jazz shoes or modern dance shoes is also common.

Winter Percussion is an indoor percussion ensemble or indoor drumline consisting of the marching percussion (or battery) and front ensemble (or pit) sections of a marching band or drum corps.  The only exceptions are in concert divisions (e.g. Percussion Scholastic Concert Open) where the marching line is absent and the ensemble consists entirely of a pit.  Winter Percussion marries elements of music performance, marching, and theater.

Both Winter Guard and Winter Percussion are open to all students.  Please see the Livermore Music Calendar for practice dates/times as well as the competition dates. This year the expected cost for the Winter season is approximately $15,000.  This cost includes entry fees, equipment, and transportation.  Please help fund this program by donating where you can.

During the 2018 Winter Season our LHS Winter Guard was promoted from Novice to Intermediate level.  The team went on to place 5th out of 13 teams at the Championships.