Livermore Music is committed to the excellence of the Livermore Instrumental Music Department, providing financial, logistical, and moral support.  We will empower the education and creativity of the students’ music experience by funding supplies and facilitating events that advance ability, encourage music appreciation, bolstering their individual and team self-esteem.  Livermore Music will use its talents and resources to assist students and the Livermore High School Instrumental Music Director in creating a department second to none.  We shall always remember we are role models to the students we serve.

Livermore Music is an independent, nonprofit organization that works closely with, but is separate from, LVJUSD. Livermore Music is an all-volunteer, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, run by a local board of directors comprised of active members.

Previously recognized as Livermore High School Cowboy Band Boosters, Livermore Music has taken a more active and encompassing role in supporting the Instrumental Music Department.

For parents/guardians, or those interested in contributing on a regular basis for nine months please use the PayPal subscription below.  (Payments will automatically stop after nine charges.)

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